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Sun, Nov. 13th, 2005, 01:41 pm
merigold: Change in Mod-ship~!

Hello, everyone. ^^ This is Meri speaking, your very absent mod. Just letting everyone know that rei_takai (shokan_polymath) is our new maintainer, who will hopefully bring life back into this RP ♥

We had fun, yes? Let's see if we can have fun again~

Hugs and Kisses,

Meri ♥

Mon, Aug. 29th, 2005, 03:48 pm
merigold: .__.

I apologize. My mod skillz are weak and feeble. But! But! I shall get back to omg_ynm with renewed vigor! :D

First off, I think we should all.. plan something. Zombie attack! Tarantula invasion! Spiked coffee! Anything that sounds interesting for everyone ^^ We can get a bunch of ideas and make a fun poll to decide~!

Ideas? Comments? Concerns? Wishes? Hopes? Dreams?

♥ Love to you all, and a thousand apologies for the neglect.

Sun, Aug. 21st, 2005, 11:15 am
violin_love: OOC: Sorry! x___x

My sister is taking her laptop with her when she leaves to go back to college tonight. So then there'll only be one computer in this house, for the five people that live here to share. Will not be pretty. Also, school has started up for me again, and homework will probably be distracting me, as well. What this means is, I'll probably be a lot less active, because I have to fight with my stepsisters over the computer. And they usually win. I'll be checking my e-mail as often as I can, though, so e-mail me at GeminiDai@yahoo.com if you need to reach me! (I might be on AIM occassionally, too, but I'll get more chances to check my e-mail than to do that.)

Also, IC!Hijiri is more likely to be active than IC!Saya, considering my IC!Yuma basically ditched us.

Fri, Aug. 12th, 2005, 09:08 pm
not_a_slacker: Vacation~

I probably won't be around much tomorrow either and I'm going on vacaction from August 14-21 I'll be all the way in Alaska for this cruise my family is going on. So yeah, I won't have much internet access while I'm away.

I know I haven't really been updating this that much but for Tsuzuki you can just play around him, or whatever.

Well see you when I get back^^

Sun, Aug. 7th, 2005, 08:39 pm
momoiro_sora: Sorry!

I'm very sorry about my extended absence (though I'm quite sure nobody noticed ^_~.) I play the IC!Muraki. I was having serious computer problems which included, but were not limited to, Livejournal website being for sale, Lj deleting my account as soon as I tried to log in, Lj displaying 404s non-stop, loss of internet connection, loss of ability to comment on a post, lacking a computer monitor, lacking Windows(tm), loss of computer mouse, loss of keyboard, hair stuck in new optical mouse, forgetting to pay our isp, spilling a can of Coke on the keyboard, and a few other personal things. But huzzah! Hopefully no more roadblocks in the way of my rp addiction.

Sat, Aug. 6th, 2005, 12:22 pm
kage_no_yokubo: Dropping out...

I feel horrible for doing it, but I think I'm going to be dropping out of OMG_YNM. I haven't done much to contribute, anyway.

I've got my hand's full what with fafner_rpg, omg_loveless (might drop out of that, too.), omg_maou (two character's there), omg_symphonia (assuming that I get accepted, since I didn't have to make an application.), royaleplay, and royaleplay2.

If anyone is interested in adopting Tat, contact me. Here, MSN, or AIM. Just let me know and I'll give you the password. Feel free to do whatever you want with him; I suck.

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005, 08:19 pm
renabunny42: (no subject)

As I told I think just a handful of you, I'm now taking a autocad class. I get up at 7am in the morning {something I usually only do on sunday @-@} and am out the door by 8:30ish. Class itself lasts from 9am till 4pm and after the family time and dinner then the homework for it and really, poor little mind is dizzy from it all. A good kind of dizzy but dizzy none the less.

Last class is this Thursday, at which point I should be able to back to normal rping. And I wish I had a good reason for posting this so late in, but I don't. I hope to maybe get on tonight but no promises :X I miss talking to all of you and can't wait to get back into the think of it :D

Above portion somewhat x-posted

*headdesk* Today SHOULD have been the day that class is over and I continue to let my insomnia grow by staying up all hours with the various RPs, but there was a accident.

A table was flipped over, and said table was where my laptop was sitting. Kessie now can't read DVDs.

Rena is NOT happy with this.

So tomorrow we're taking it to Best Buy, tonight I'm backing up files {which is a pain in the butt thanks to all the new ones I have} and depending on how things go this baby may be sent in and worked on for a few weeks. What that means is no more staying on the pc after 12am CST, and a lot less time before that. I still have other pcs I can use but it won't be the same as my own laptop TT

All in all, this is not putting me in a pleasant mood to say the lest >.< The reason it was sent in the last time? not being able to read CDs and DVDs. Yeah.

So still will try to update but it won't be as easy as before >>>

Over and out for now, will tell if any updates

Sun, Jul. 31st, 2005, 08:46 pm
merigold: Wooooooorld Event~!

Did I say world event in two days? Eheh. I meant three. Yeah.


Good morning, rise and shine, omg_ynm characters~!

Guess what?

Do you know how old you are physically? Of course you do ^^

Well, you did.

Everyone's physical age is now cut in half. Hello, eight year old Hisoka~ How do you like them apples? ^^

This is another event that will last one week, then everything shall return to normal*

*or as normal as it can be in this RP

Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005, 01:05 pm
secretary_ts: OOC: *runs away from the RP Double Whammy!*

Er, not really. But I will be out of town for the next couple of days. However, in this case, "out of town" means "at college," so it hopefully also means "able to get to the computers in the library for at least a comment or two."

And I'm late!!!! *runs!*

Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005, 10:18 pm
merigold: (no subject)

HEllo, darlings ^^ Sorry for the silence. Catching up after a week long vacations was.. daunting. Mostly because I'm so lazy XD

Anyway, we're back! And I think most people that posted absences are back now, too~! ♥ Cheers all around.

First off, we have some sad news. We've lost our OOC Hakushaku [masked_monk, played by jetaimerai]. Sad to see you go~!

Second, I've been sitting on a world event for awhile. I want to get it going, to help heep the RP going, but I know theres some angsty stuff going on *coughcoughHIJIRIcoughcough*. I'm going to wait a few days.. we'll say two*, for that to be sort of wrapped up, then head on to the Super Secret Awesome Wonderful Event.

Third! Our IC Muraki has this liiiittle problem. Livejournal won't let her post, or reply to posts, but she can still read everything that's happening. From now on, she's going to send her posts to me and I'll post them in her account for her. Slow, but at least she'll be there. She wants to say she's sorry, everyone. Her computer does weird stuff like that.

*if you need more, get in contact with me ^^

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