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Sun, Aug. 21st, 2005, 11:15 am
violin_love: OOC: Sorry! x___x

My sister is taking her laptop with her when she leaves to go back to college tonight. So then there'll only be one computer in this house, for the five people that live here to share. Will not be pretty. Also, school has started up for me again, and homework will probably be distracting me, as well. What this means is, I'll probably be a lot less active, because I have to fight with my stepsisters over the computer. And they usually win. I'll be checking my e-mail as often as I can, though, so e-mail me at GeminiDai@yahoo.com if you need to reach me! (I might be on AIM occassionally, too, but I'll get more chances to check my e-mail than to do that.)

Also, IC!Hijiri is more likely to be active than IC!Saya, considering my IC!Yuma basically ditched us.