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Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005, 08:19 pm

As I told I think just a handful of you, I'm now taking a autocad class. I get up at 7am in the morning {something I usually only do on sunday @-@} and am out the door by 8:30ish. Class itself lasts from 9am till 4pm and after the family time and dinner then the homework for it and really, poor little mind is dizzy from it all. A good kind of dizzy but dizzy none the less.

Last class is this Thursday, at which point I should be able to back to normal rping. And I wish I had a good reason for posting this so late in, but I don't. I hope to maybe get on tonight but no promises :X I miss talking to all of you and can't wait to get back into the think of it :D

Above portion somewhat x-posted

*headdesk* Today SHOULD have been the day that class is over and I continue to let my insomnia grow by staying up all hours with the various RPs, but there was a accident.

A table was flipped over, and said table was where my laptop was sitting. Kessie now can't read DVDs.

Rena is NOT happy with this.

So tomorrow we're taking it to Best Buy, tonight I'm backing up files {which is a pain in the butt thanks to all the new ones I have} and depending on how things go this baby may be sent in and worked on for a few weeks. What that means is no more staying on the pc after 12am CST, and a lot less time before that. I still have other pcs I can use but it won't be the same as my own laptop TT

All in all, this is not putting me in a pleasant mood to say the lest >.< The reason it was sent in the last time? not being able to read CDs and DVDs. Yeah.

So still will try to update but it won't be as easy as before >>>

Over and out for now, will tell if any updates